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Long Term Care

Brewster Family Pharmacy is an independently owned
pharmacy that has been serving the residents of Brewster and surrounding areas since 1995. We also operate a long
term care pharmacy, K-C Institutional Pharmacy, that services Assisted Living Facilities, Group Homes, patients receive medical care at home and Skilled Nursing facilities.

We pride ourselves on personalizing our care to meet each
individual resident’s needs so that the prescription part of their health care can be stress free. Additionally, we offer a variety of medication packaging options to all of our long term care patients.

To learn more about our long term care pharmacy services please give us a call at: 330-767-3436 


Compliance Packaging

Our compliance packaging is made with our patients in mind. This is a great option for patients to easily manage their own medications or for caregivers looking to help manage the medications of loved ones or patients. Each card is packaged by a trained pharmacy staff member to ensure you are receiving the right medication at the right time.


  • Medications packaged into 4 daily time slots individualized to
    each patient’s needs
  • Clearly organized to help patients and caregivers keep track of medications
  • Stress free and easy to punch medications out
  • Medication pods are perforated to allow patients to easily take medications with them on the go
  • Eliminates the stress of setting up weekly pill boxes
  • Automatically refilled monthly
  • We work directly with your doctor for refills
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Blister Card Packaging

Our blister cards are packaged with a single medication to
meet the needs of a facility. We utilize automation to help increase accuracy and improve patient safety.


  • Cards packaged to meet each facilities personal needs
  • Can be set up in various cycle lengths
  • Easy to punch out medications
  • Can be filled to match exact date of calendar month to
    allow caregiver/nurse to easily determine if medication was taken
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Services for our Long Term Care Facilities

Brewster Family Pharmacy courteous, professional staff has extensive experience in long term care pharmacy. You can rest assured we will put your patient’s medication needs as a priority. We work with you to develop a solution for your staff and their patients, all while remaining cost effective and accountable.


  • Pharmacist consulting services
  • Cart audits
  • Daily deliveries
  • On call pharmacist 24 hours a day
  • Online portal for facilities
  • Online bill pay for patients
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